Sherlock Bike Tracker

“Every year in the UK 376,000 bikes are stolen, that’s one every minute”


What it does and how it works.

  • Hide It-Install the device into the handle bars of your bike

  • Lock It-Activate Sherlock when you park your bike

  • Track It-In case of theft, track your bike and get it back



Sherlock is connected to a mobile app to let you always know where your bicycle is at anytime and help you retrieve it in case of theft.
Keep your bike safe with Sherlock, the invisible GPS anti-theft device for bicycles designed to give you the peace of mind you were looking for.
Sherlock works in conjunction with the free-to-download app (available for iOS or Android).
Once the app is launched, create a bike profile, adding a picture of your bike, the frame number, and details such as make and model and then pair it to the GPS.
You then install the device in your bars. As the 11.5cm, 40g plastic tube is flexible it will work with most drop and straight handlebars (you can check online). Simply pop your bar end and slide the GPS in.

The device is charged via the USB port and cable with a single two-hour charge providing around two-weeks’ worth of juice. You then simply activate Sherlock via the app whenever you leave your bike unattended.

You’ll be sent an alert if the bike is moved and you’ll be able to track where it is via the wonder of Google Maps.


  • Limitless Tracking.  2G, GSM/GPRS, SIM on Chip
  • Designed for Bikes, hidden from view
  • Re-Chargeable Li-Ion 3.7V mAh1 giving a 7 day charge
  • 2 Year Free Internet Connection
  • No compromise to weight 50gms
  • Flexible fit designed for both straight and curved handle bars
  • Mobile App IOS and Android

We want you to be part of the GalloGlas Sherlock team looking after your bikes in Scotland and Cumbria, as we look to offer this unrivalled piece of technology and our support service to its customers that goes way beyond a bike lock. (We never understood why someone would want to sell a bike costing upwards of £1,000 and offer £20 bike lock) or let the valued customer decide on their own to chose how to best protect their valued possession. Let’s face it bikes are an easy target for criminals.

For more information contact GalloGlas Security and Logistics Group

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