Identifying Poor Driver Behaviour

As well as benefiting you and your company in regards to a potential reduction of your premium, by monitoring driver behaviour, we can build an accurate portrait of high-risk behaviours amongst your workforce.

We provide self –install hardware to analyse poor driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh acceleration, heavy braking and cornering. This data can then be analysed by our experts and can advise you on best  practise.

​By having the ability to visualise how well and economically their drivers are, we can then help to implement training to align the driver to their specific poor behaviour be it physical driver training or our bespoke classroom awareness courses.

Bespoke solutions can be tailored to a comnpany’s needs, for example through the offering of tips to improve driver behaviour, providing data in the event of an accident or first notification of loss.

Find out how your business can benefit from our telematics insurance driver behaviour solutions today