GalloGlas EcoClean

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the amount of staff working at home we can visit your premises before staff return and give the building a full sterilisation with our UV Sterilisation System giving you that peace of mind before returning.

Is your Carbon Footprint as low as you can go?

So you have your various carbon reduction schemes in place for your company, you have the latest in fleet analysis and technology aligned with an award winning driver training and assessment program for your staff from GalloGlas…. all good?  But then on an evening your contracted cleaning company arrive in the diesel vans, their single use plastics and harmful chemical cleaning agents… one step back…

Now why not hit that final target and go home at night knowing that you really have done all you can to make your home and/or your business premises as eco friendly as it possibly can!  GalloGlas EcoClean operates completely eco-friendly…. from their electric vehicle to biodegradable bin bags to eco-friendly cleaning agents…

What Services Do We Offer?

For a site visit of a chat of all of our services, please call our office now on 01387 257807 or email EcoClean@GalloGlas.Org

Domestic Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleans

Holiday Let Turnaround

Carpet Deep Clean

Oven / BBQ Clean

Fore more information on our amazing services, please drop us a line on EcoClean@GalloGlas.Org or call 01387 257807