CanTrack Asset Tracker

GalloGlas Logistics Solutions are pleased to bring you one of the markets most diverse asset tracking systems in CANTRACK.  Whether you wish to monitor heavy plant machinery, your classic car or even a small piece of IT equipment, this device can do it all.

In the event of asset theft, CanTrack Asset Tracker customers have immediate free access to the UK’s only private tracking investigation team. Our on-the-ground investigators make a real difference to the successful recovery of your asset. The effectiveness of our Finder Service is underlined by statistics of over 90% of equipment recovered, 80% of which is found within the first 8 hours.

CanTrack Tracks Every Asset Everywhere

  • Highly accurate location tracking information sent daily
  • Battery Life of up to 9 years with no hard wired installtion
  • Range of remote asset tracker sensors built-in (light, vibration etc)
  • Utilisation tracking reports detailing how your asset is used
  • European roaming included with inclusive Finder Service in case of asset theft
  • Resistant to jamming and scanning asset-stealing technology
  • CanTrack Asset Tracker can be detected indoors and outside unlike conventional GPS tracking systems