Connected Care

Through deep CANbus connectivity, Trakm8, brought to you by GalloGlas are able to provide advanced vehicle status and health data. Connectedcare enables vehicle and plant OEMs and leasing or hire companies to access readings directly from the dashboard or instrument cluster.

Connectedcare is an ideal solution for:

 Vehicle leasing companies

 Automotive / Plant OEMs

 Breakdown and recovery companies

 Vehicle dealerships

 Service, maintenance and repair companies

Connectedcare gives you remote access to diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and dashboard warning lights from cars, light commercial vehicles and plant equipment, via our easy-to-use web portals and mobile apps. You can alert vehicle users to address minor issues before they become major problems; helping to further enhance the customer experience for your clients.

Connectedcare also opens up additional revenue opportunities, as you can proactively signpost vehicle users to approved dealerships or authorised service, maintenance and repair (SMR) partners.

We can help fight fuel fraud by providing highly accurate data on fuel levels, and real MPG, as well as alerts when fuel tanks are drained. You can also benefit from true ODO readings to enable more accurate service regimes, and alerts when diesel particulate filters need cleaning or AdBlue levels are too low

For leasing companies, this all adds up to an even better-maintained asset, which should retain a higher residual value.

Connectedcare can provide data on the following:

VIN number

True odometer

Diagnostic trouble codes

Battery health

Fuel levels

Dashboard warning lights

Condition-based service

Washer fluid


Traction control


AdBlue levels

Tyre pressure monitoring system


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