How does this work??

GalloGlas Training aim to offer an exceptional quality, yet cost effective theory and practical tuition that will allow an individual to learn to drive within a working week.  For a one off payment we will also supply a car free of charge for the first driving test. If you don’t manage to pass your theory or practical tests you will receive free, further retraining to help you improve in which conditions will apply.

Full payment is required 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the course, or if booking further in advance, the course can be secured by a £200 non-refundable deposit.  GalloGlas can offer payment plans for our courses in which you can pay the fee’s up gradually but this must be cleared the month before commencement of the course.  An example of this is is starting on your child’s 16th birthday and paying up throughout the year.  The week your child turns 17 they can attend the intensive course and pass within the first weeks of being legal to drive!

Why choose our Intensive Course over normal weekly lessons?

The course will be ran Monday through Friday 9-5 in which you will be given maximum exposure to the roads.  It is expected that you will receive around 30 hours physical driving and around 7.5 hours classroom tuition (including your theory test, safety briefings and first parade checks of your vehicle).

GalloGlas Instructors are all DVSA qualified and as well as physical driving lessons we will give you daily classroom tuition so you pass your theory exam with flying colours.  By doing our intensive course, it is found that there is no skill fade and lessons spent going back over your skills.  The course is designed so that you arrive for your test with everything fresh in your head.

The course fee will include theory and practical test fee’s, however if in the event of requiring re-test this will be payable to DVSA

For further information, please contact: Sales@GalloGlas.Org

Please keep checking this page as we have more exciting news regarding driving courses in the near future.