​The Premium Package is ideal for companies operating fleets of less than 100 vehicles and where the fleet comprises of Light and Mid sized commercial vehicles as well as cars.

All of our Packages come as a minimum 3 year plan, which allows your company accountant to offset the costs against either Opex or Capex budgets at their discretion. You may also upgrade your package at any time during the 3 year term for the additional extra monthly costs.

Driving Policy
We will send to you your driving policy , this will be branded to reflect your company, it will include all the requirements that you need to ensure your company is protected. The policy will be updated annually to reflect any changes in the law and will cover all main aspects of driving for work, your responsibilities as an employer and employees responsibilities in driving for business, includes company vehicles and grey fleet vehicles, public transport.

Initial Driver Assessment
We will ask you for the details of all the individual staff members that you want to register with us, we will contact them and ask them to undertake an initial online assessment that will help determine the drivers potential risk to your company. The results will be shared with the individual and with a nominated person in your business. The report will provide you with some recommendations on any future coaching that the individual may benefit from.

Energy Savings Trust Approved Driving Course
We will provide a 4 hour practical driving course for each person registered. The course is designed to help drivers improve thier driving skills and reduce the amount of fuel that they use while driving. On average most drivers show an improvement of around 8% which can present a significant saving to the any business. We will contact you to arrange suitable dates and locations for each of the drivers that you have registered with us to undertake the course.

Licence Check
Your package includes an annual driver licence check on all employees who drive for work, this is done through the DVLA. We will send to you documentation that you will need to complete and return to us for each driver, once we have received all the required documents we will undertake the licence checks annually for the 3 year period of the package and return the results to your nominated person. We connect this to the telematics system that’s included in the package to make sure that it is directly linked and auditable.

Integrated Camera and Telematics Unit
We will provide an integrated 1080 high resolution camera and telematics unit for each vehicle registered with us. The unit should be hardwired into the vehicle and this can be done by any competent qualified auto-electrician. The camera system has two cameras, a forward facing camera and a secondary camera that can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle to provide an alternative view.

The Telematics system will provide all the reporting that you would expect as standard and this includes:
Billing summary
Current status
Day summary
Eco-driving detailed
Eco-driving summary
Journey detailed
Journey summary
Licence check detailed
Licence check summary
Odometer and chronometer
Out of hours
Overspeed detailed
Overspeed summary
Parked time
Vehicle summary
Workings hours detailed
Workings hours summary

The system will also allow drivers to record business and personal mileage for the purpose of their P11D returns. You can arrange for your own qualified auto-electrician to fit the units to your vehicles or we can arrange this for you at a small additional charge per month.

System Training
We will provide to up to 3 members of staff annual system training for 1 day that will allow you to get the best out of the telematics system, this will help you to set targets and KPI’s to manage your business more efficiently and provide a potential greater return on investment.

Driver Legal Helpline
We will provide each driver registered with us the details of a Driver Legal Helpline that they can call at anytime of day or night. This services provides them with up to 30 minutes per annum of legal advice from a specialist motoring solicitor.

Driving Safety Notices
We will provide you with 12 safety briefing notes during the course of the year that you can distribute to anyone in your business. These will be sent to you before the start of the month and will cover a wide range of safety topics relevant to the time of year.

Portal Log In
We will give you a personal member log in password so that you can access a wide range of safety documents, information and news as well as updates to your driving policy