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Supporting Isolated Agricultural, Commercial & Residential Dwellings


GalloGlas Security & Logistics Group

GalloGlas Security & Logistics provide an unrivalled range of Security, Training and Logistical support, providing your business with a complete solution. Using integrated cost-effective security consultancy, technology and training, we specialise in ensuring that not only are your workforce and assets physically safe, they are operating safely. The Group consists of various self-defining sub divisions, ensuring that each specific department has its own key focus.

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GalloGlas Security Solutions offer various levels of security from CCTV and Alarm Installation to the provision of Close Protection Officers. The following information will focus specifically on the ability of our Rural Community Support Provision. Combining highly trained security operatives with a high level of technical oversight ensures that not only are you safe, you are connected at the touch of a button giving you complete peace of mind.

Mobile Patrol Vehicle

GalloGlas’ Rural Community Support Teams will continuously patrol their specific area of operation in 4 x 4 vehicles. These vehicles are fully overt and liveried as Mobile Patrol Vehicles offering a highly visible deterrent in the first instance. The vehicles will be operational 24/7 with our SIA registered officers working a rotational shift pattern ensuring that they well rested yet alert and responsive at all time.

Integrated Technology

GalloGlas Mobile Patrol Vehicles all have a Camera Enhanced In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) that enables our Operations Room to see all movement of the teams.  Each client that is contractually aligned to the Mobile Patrol will receive a weekly report from GalloGlas HQ to provide them with the times and dates that each patrol has cleared their specific area of operation.  This can be used to ensure that GalloGlas are keeping in line with contractual KPI agreements and that each client’s site is confirmed secure. See below as example of platform used to track vehicles with designated geofenced areas being client areas.

Each vehicle will also have a 4G Radio System.  This means that not only can GalloGlas HQ continuously communicate with the vehicle, but each business also has the additional option to have their own radio system on their premises giving them the ability to communicate directly with the Security Team and other clients within the area, creating an all informed channel. This is of a huge advantage where clients can alert others of suspicious behaviour proactively whilst the Mobile Patrol makes its way to the area of concern.

Our Mobile Patrol Staff will also have on their possession, a personal body worn camera that will enable the capture of events where required, whilst the vehicle camera’s will also pick up imagery. Both cameras are suitably approved with time date stamps to be accepted as evidence in a court of law.

Asset Security

GalloGlas Security can provide you with award winning technology that can be installed on your assets to ensure that they can be tracked upon the unforeseen theft.  The devices are Thatcham S7 approved and if stolen, our immediate action plans will be triggered, and the tracker teams will be deployed to hunt the stolen goods.  Currently assets fitted with our trackers have a return rate of around 90%, with the majority being found within the first 12 hours.




Site Physical Security

GalloGlas Security offer CCTV and Alarm systems that can be monitored remotely, personally or from our Operations Centre.  Both CCTV and Alarm systems can be integrated so can be monitored from one platform.

Our Alarm system is wireless based meaning installation is non-intrusive and comes with a personal panic button.  This means that our mobile patrol can respond immediately to you no matter where you are within your local area as your coordinates and map will be sent direct to the patrol.



For a complete peace of mind solution to protect your assets and dwellings, GalloGlas’ Rural Community Support (RCS) provides one of the most comprehensive security offerings available on the market.

For a monthly fee you will receive:

  • CCTV System installed on your premises
  • Alarm & SOS System installed on your premises
  • Radio Network System installed on your premises
  • 24hr Overt Site Visits by our SIA registered Security Support Vehicle
  • Peace of Mind

For a site visit and further information on how GalloGlas can provide you, your family and your assets complete peace of mind, please email or call the following:  –+44 (0)1387 257807