We believe that your driver training should meet strict standards and that those people who deliver the training should meet the highest standards.  Driver training is not just about putting a trainer in a vehicle with one of your drivers, its about driver behaviour, the use of the vehicle, the safety of the load – especially if it is passengers and also the process by which your business manages the risk of someone driving for business

As part of this, SAT are a Global Accredited IVV Diamond Member, allowing them to provide you with trainers or run in house train the trainer courses that will enable you to have accredited trainers.

SAT have spent many years working in many different environments from fleet training in the UK to defensive driver training and train the trainer courses in some of the more remote and hostile environments including Afghanistan and Iraq.  The courses and programs that they have developed are as a result of careful research, understanding of the science behind the behaviours and building upon an extensive knowledge base.

Train the trainer courses are designed to bring your staff up to a suitable and proficient standard where they can train and mentor the drivers in your business to meet the standards that we agree with you, linked to your company policy.

Your qualified trainers will be accredited to a world renowned standard and we will assess and audit them every 2 years.  The courses can be run at your company location and be anywhere in the world provided you can meet our training resource requirements.  The course usually will take a minimum of 21 days.

For further information, please contact: Sales@GalloGlas.Org