As a Tranquility Customer you will receive the best possible integrated solution for your fleet all in one convenient place, no matter what size your fleet is we are here to help you 24 x7 365 days a year, with dedicated helplines and support. All of our Packages come as a minimum 3-year plan, which allows your company accountant to offset the costs against either Opex or Capex budgets at their discretion.

Dedicated Account Manager
An dedicated account manager will be appointed to you to be your single point of contact.

Defensive Driving Course
We will provide each driver registered with us 4-hour driver coaching course every two years. The course is designed to coach and assist drivers to improve their road craft and improve driving behaviours The course includes testing the students’ knowledge levels before and following the course, uses a combination of Theory and Practical sessions. Practical sessions include Defensive Driving Techniques, Fuel Efficient Driving, Ergonomics, Slow Manoeuvring. Theory Sessions include, safety aspects of vehicles, daily housekeeping, vulnerable road users (Pedestrians, Cyclists, Horse Riders)

We use the data from your telematics systems to directly target identified driver behaviours that need improvement.

Integrated Camera and Telematics Unit
We will provide an integrated camera and telematics unit for each vehicle registered with us. The unit should be hardwired into the vehicle and this can be done by any competent qualified auto electrician. The camera system has two cameras, a forward-facing camera and a secondary camera that can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle to provide an alternative view.

The Telematics system will provide all the reporting that you would expect as standard and this includes:
Billing summary
Current status
Day summary
Eco driving detailed
Eco driving summary
Journey detailed
Journey summary
Licence checks detailed
Licence check summary
Odometer and chronometer
Out of hours
Overspeed detailed
Overspeed summary
Parked time
Vehicle summary
Workings hours detailed
Workings hours summary

The system will also allow drivers to record business and personal mileage for the purpose of their P11D returns. You can arrange for your own qualified auto electrician to fit the units to your vehicles or we can arrange this for you at a small additional charge per month.

System Training
We will provide to up to 3 members of staff annually system training for 1 day that will allow you to get the best out of the telematics system, this will help you to set targets and KPI’s to manage your business more efficiently and provide a potential greater return on investment.

Integrated Fleet Management Solution
The fleet management solution will allow you to manage all of your road risks in one place, the objective being:

Compliance of your fleet and drivers
Protection of the business, reputation, financial liabilities and staff
Risk Reduction for the business, its staff and insurers
Program Implementation
Fleet Safety Audit gap analysis
Driving for work policy to meet business requirements
Driver Enrolment, set up safety records, contact details, claim history, GDPR Consents, privacy compliance
Risk Register, embedded coding relating to risk tolerances, automatic risk alerts, portal access
Data Privacy GDPR, compliance notices to drivers, access to data, ISO27001 cloud-based records
Service Level Agreement with set KPI’s, operational process, reporting, team structures, personal risk manager appointed.

Online assessments for drivers/ skill based, psychometric and well being based. Includes Hazard perception, driver attitudes, concentration and observation, stress resilience scoring.

Driver consultations
Licence Checking with electronic imports for accurate and immediate results
Pro-active next stage actions and instant risk alerts.

Telematics Data monitored, false reading elimination, harsh event monitoring, management reporting, actionable outcomes, training need identification, budget controls.

Driver Safety Record provides cumulative history of all risk data gathered and predictions on future risks

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) actioned
High Risk alerts against regular claims, heavy damage, personal injury
Driver Support – 24 hour cover, vehicle and driver recovery, alternative transport arrangements, personal injury support.

Post Incident review
Repair Management, including damage assessment, downtime control, storage, total losses, diminution of value, billing structures
Loss Negotiation and uninsured loss recovery

Overall driver risk profiles and driver ranking
Portal access with self-adjustable risk tolerance, report access.
Management reporting summaries and exceptions, finance expenditure, key risks, high risk drivers, remedial actions, claim frequency trends, feedback actions and review meetings and Strategic reviews.

Driving Safety Notices
We will provide you with 12 safety briefing notes during the course of the year that you can distribute to anyone in your business. These will be sent to you before the start of the month and will cover a wide range of safety topics relevant to the time of year.

Driver Legal Helpline
We will provide each driver registered with us the details of a Driver Legal Helpline that they can call at any time of day or night. This service provides them with up to 30 minutes per annum of legal advice from a specialist motoring solicitor.

Driver Legal Insurance
We provide any driver registered with us up to £25,000 of legal insurance protection. Each registered driver will be given details of the policy and contact numbers in case they should need them.

Portal Log In
We will give you a personal member log in password so that you can access a wide range of safety documents, information and news as well as updates to your driving policy