Who & What Are GalloGlas!?

The term Gallowglass is a corrupted Anglicization of the Gaelic term gallóglaigh ( pl.) and gallóglach (sing.), meaning literally – “ foreign young warrior.” It is clear that the Gallowglass warriors were markedly different from the natives, and their name was immediately connected with their foreign status.

But it was their prowess in the military arts that made them stand out, and carve their place in the history of the world. As the Norse-Gael identity became common, so did the Gallowglass. Around the early 13th century, several Norse-Gaelic clans arose in Scotland, and it is from these clans that the Gallowglass warriors came. For centuries, these Norse-Gaels enjoyed semi-independence, and were historically known as Lords of the Isles

For the most part, their power rested on their fleets of galleys and their notorious GallowGlass warriors. That is why they mostly hailed from the Hebrides. These numerous islands were home to several prominent Scottish clans with Norse ancestry.  True soldiers of fortune, these mercenaries never shied from warfare. They would lend their axes to any man who paid sufficiently

One of those clans was the Clan MacNeacail (McNicoll) of the Isle of Skye.  Our MD, Richie Nicoll is a descendant of the clan.

Richie Nicoll

CEO & Managing Director 
Richie has 25 years Military and Security experience taking him operationally to Kosovo, Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.  During his Military career Richie served in the A.C.E Mobile Force, training for Arctic Warfare, latterly becoming an Advanced Electronic Countermeasures Operator in the Bomb Disposal Regiment. Since leaving the Military, Richie has held various posts from Operations Coordinator at the British Embassy in Kabul, Head of Operations in Basrah and latterly Security Consultant for a large International Oil Company in Iraq

Campbell Young

Sales & Office Manager
Campbell has over 35 years management experience in sales and marketing, working as a Regional Parts Manager in Saudi Arabia followed by roles in the UK as Area Manager, Regional Manager, National UK Manager and Main Board Director.
An understanding of the importance of developing teams has always been at the forefront of his career. He is a Fellow of Ashridge Business School having studied Strategic Management for 9 months there which culminated in leading a presentation to The BBC EMIA (European and Middle East Division). He has extensive experience of managing staff and teams  resulting in both traditional and networking business models.

Campbell says: “Music is my passion and when I’m not listening to it, I play the guitar and studied the theory of the instrument at The Guitar Institute in London. I also love to travel and have spent almost 9 years of my life living and working outside of the UK.”

Steve L

Training Director ​

Steve is a former British Army, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer with 30 year’s leadership, training and operational management experience in some of the world’s most challenging environments, in support of high net worth contracts and individuals including a prominent Middle-Eastern Royal Family.
Bringing with him a huge wealth of experience in training circles, Steve’s appointment is of a huge asset to GalloGlas Security Solutions and students that attend our courses are guaranteed to benefit from his vast experiences. Steve continues to work operationally which ensures that experiences passed to our students on the L3 Close Protection courses are always current with Global security situations.

Leonie Lepple

EcoClean Operations Manager

Leonie joins the team after completing a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science & Sustainability at the University of Glasgow. Particularly interested in marine environmental pollution, Leonie examined in her final dissertation the affects of plastic litter on molluscs along the Scottish Solway coast. Further field work experience has been gained in an environmental consultancy placement in Oman, and a conservation organisation in Kenya.

Educationally, Leonie was brought up in the South of Germany, where she finished school in Curaçao, and went on to acquire a nursing degree in Germany.

Overall, various jobs, traveling, and moving around, have given her confidence and strengthened her reliability, flexibility and optimism, which lets us believe she will be a great asset to GalloGlas Group.

In her free time, Leonie loves to cycle and work on her campervan ‘Wilma’.