Work Place Safety and Fight against COVID-19

Work Place Safety and Fight against COVID-19

GalloGlas Group are continuing to push to provide businesses with invaluable systems to enable them to be ready to ‘Get back 2 work’.

We have a raft of devices and programs that will allow companies to ensure that both their staff AND clients are looked after post return to work approval is given.  Ontop of GalloGlas EcoCleans deep clean back to work program, we can offer you systems that will keep on top of your workplace and ensure that virus’ are locked out.

We can secure your area with the Anti Viral Access Control System which means that the door or turn-styles shall remain locked unless both of your hands have been through the anti bacterial washing process.

Our Thermal Detection Helmets can scan up to 200 people per minute and will quickly enable you to stop anyone with a fever from entering your building. This smart helmet also has the ability to conduct facial recognition so if you have persons banned from your workplace, the Helmet will identify those involved to our officer wearing the helmet.

At the end of the day we can then send our EcoClean Staff into the premises with our fogging machine. Regular fogging with an approved disinfectant such a Virosol as will help prevent the cross-infection of viruses such as MRSA,  Coronavirus (human and feline), Strangles and much more



As avid football fans here at GalloGlas we can use a football stadium as an ideal example.

We would have our officers on patrol on the outside of the stadium with the Thermal Helmets on, which would ensure that we could identify anyone from a distance that has a fever.  As it also has facial recognition, this would also highlight anyone banned from the stadium.  Once fans are all in the ground, they could then continue patrols inside.

Before accessing the stadium, all fans have to go through turn styles.  Our AV Access Control System can be aligned to all turnstyles, so you know that every fan that has accessed the stadium has gone through the anti bacterial hand program.

On the morning of the game, we would have visited the stadium with our foggers and UV systems and ensured that all areas had been cleared.  Once the game has finished, we can then attend and fog the areas to ensure clean.

For more information or a chat on how we can help you keep COVID out, please email us on Operations@GalloGlas.Org or call 01387 257807